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The Buckley Institute sponsors an annual conference each fall featuring panel discussions and a gala dinner. These events attract hundreds of students, faculty, alumni, and other members of the community.

Upcoming Conferences

“The exposure I’ve had to the issue because of Buckley opportunities—a summer internship, talks with leading politicians such as Governor Chris Sununu, and dinners with heterodox thinkers like Bari Weiss, to name a few—has helped me find and become more confident in my voice.”

— Libby Snowden ’24

“I’m not the most politically engaged or even conservative person, but it is nice to hear a diversity of views expressed in a civil manner that takes common sense into account.”

— Tiana Luo ’24

“The Buckley program helps create a plurality of political views on campus.”

— Rohan Krishnan ’24

“I think the biggest reason why Buckley’s so important is the speakers that it brings in… Some of the things that they’re talking about are things that you never hear in your classes at Yale, you never hear your professors say, and we’re just engaging with it right there on Yale’s campus.”

— Julia Zrihen ’24

Past Conferences

The Buckley Institute held its Thirteenth Annual Conference at the Omni New Haven Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut, recognizing the 75th anniversary of the publication of Richard Weaver’...