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Disinvitation Dinners

The phenomenon of disinviting a speaker from campus or creating such a ruckus during the speech that someone’s speech is effectively quashed is one of the most virulent assaults on free speech on college campuses. In 2015, the Buckley Institute decided to turn that practice on its head and instead invite the disinvited to speak in a place of honor. Our annual Disinvitation Dinner has become a favorite event for Buckley Institute supporters, students, and new friends.

Upcoming Disinvitation Dinners

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“My favorite experience was the Disinvitation Dinner in NYC. This was what opened my eyes to the essence of the Buckley Institute in the first place.”

— Noah Riley ’25

“The Disinvitation dinner is a brilliant idea and [Bari] Weiss was a wonderful choice for it.”

— Yale Law ’24

“I have only recently joined and the dinner at the Metropolitan club was my first real event— it was an amazing experience!”

— Yale Student

“The disinvitation dinner was a pleasure! The ambiance was great and it was also interesting to meet alumni who remember the Yale of another era.”

— Yale Student ’24

Past Disinvitation Dinners