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Multi-Day Seminars

Upcoming Multi-Day Seminars

“The Lincoln seminar was really interesting, and I feel like I’ve appreciated it more as time has passed.”

— Manav Singh’ 25

“I love the Buckley Program’s commitment to the humanities and great books. This was apparent to me after I took a seminar on The Tempest.”

— Yale Student ’24

“The multi-day seminars in general have been my favorite events. Of the multi-day seminars, I have probably been most impacted by the John Tomasi or Yuval Levin seminar. Although, I probably enjoyed Steve Hayward’s seminar most.”

— Yale Student ’24

“It’s an amazing learning environment and really pushed me to think about the topic outside of class, not because I needed to, but because I wanted to.”

— Maddy Megal ’25

“The Buckley Program seminar gave me the ability to communicate deeply about a topic with an esteemed professor, with people surrounding me who were passionate or intrigued about the topic and not worried about a grade.”

— Maddy Megal ’25

Past Multi-Day Seminars

Join Skidmore College’s Flagg Taylor for a three-day seminar reflecting on the writings of two of the great authors of the twentieth century: Arthur Koestler and Václav Havel.