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As part of our effort to promote thoughtful discussion, the Buckley Institute sponsors seminars on a wide range of topics. We offer these seminars throughout the academic year.

Upcoming Seminars

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“The seminar with Rob Long was so out of the ordinary and refreshing to speak with a comedy writer amid the usual list of think tankers, journalists, and academics. It was so wonderfully humane and an eye-opening dive into a world that I knew nothing about.”

— Yale Student ’23

“I’ve had the chance to have so many discussions at these Buckley seminars and learn from people who I never would have otherwise engaged in in my classes. That’s what makes this so appealing to me, and I couldn’t recommend these seminars more highly.”

— Kevin Xiao ‘23

“It is so easy to get wrapped up in what seems to be the majority opinion here on campus, and these seminars remind me that not everyone thinks the same way. I think that’s incredibly important on a college campus—a place where people come to expand their intellect—and I wish I felt it more at Yale.”

— Libby Snowden ’24

“At Yale, there are few opportunities to engage at a deep level with scholars who understand both academia and policy, and the Buckley Program’s seminars are my main method of getting exposure to the real world of politics—not the ivory tower. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to participate.”

— Kevin Xiao ‘23

Past Seminars