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Speaker Series

Throughout the academic year, the Buckley Institute produces a lecture series, free and open to the public, that brings to the Yale campus notable intellectual leaders, politicians, and professionals from across the disciplines.

Upcoming Speakers

Campus Intolerance: From Attacks on Free Speech to Antisemitism

On Saturday, June 1, 2024, the Buckley Institute is hosting a panel on “Campus Intolerance: From Attacks on Free Speech to Antisemitism."

“I saw these Buckley Program speakers coming through and they clearly represent a totally different worldview. I would just go to these talks and I would meet these incredibly thoughtful people who would be able to defend positions that I had never heard really defended properly before.”

— Alex Hu ’23

“The Buckley Program has allowed me to be intellectually challenged, and has offered incredible opportunities to hear from, meet, and be inspired by speakers who voice political opinions that all-too-often go unheard in other settings at Yale.”

— Tasha Dambacher ’25

“I think the biggest reason why Buckley’s so important is the speakers that it brings in… Some of the things that they’re talking about are things that you never hear in your classes at Yale, you never hear your professors say, and we’re just engaging with it right there on Yale’s campus.”

— Julia Zrihen ’24

Past Speakers