Buckley Institute's New Record Number of Buckley Fellows

Buckley Institute Fellows Program Reaches New Record

The Buckley Institute is proud to announce that it has hit a new record number of Buckley Fellows. As of the December 11 deadline for new fellows applications for the fall semester, the Buckley Institute has 733 Buckley Fellows. 
The Buckley Institute’s 733 student fellows are equivalent to 10.75% of the enrolled fall 2023 undergraduate population. This also represents a 110-student increase over the record 623 student fellows the Buckley Institute counted among its membership in the spring, a 17.7% increase semester over semester.  
“The Buckley Institute is proud to serve as a refuge for students who want true intellectual exploration at Yale,” Buckley Institute Founder and Executive Director Lauren Noble ’11 said. “Our continued growth demonstrates that there are students who are seeking more than the campus orthodoxy offered in the Yale classroom and know that Buckley is where they can find it.” 
“The new record shows that Buckley is meeting the growing demand among Yale students for nuanced conversations and conservative perspectives,” said Ryan Gapski ’24, 2023 Buckley Institute student president. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am very proud of this year’s Student Board for accomplishing such a feat.”