Commentary: Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the Campus Hate-Speech Canard

Nathaniel Zelinsky ’13, a member of the Buckley Program’s board of directors, writes over at Commentary:

Additionally, Hirsi Ali’s host-the Buckley Program, on whose board I sit-was immune to the pressure of the multicultural left. A well-funded student-led group committed to “intellectual diversity” and advised by scholarly titans such as the now retired classics professor Donald Kagan, the Buckley Program can boast students who felt none of the social anxiety to condemn “hate” or to pander to the Muslim Students Association.

Encouraging though it was, this brief victory for free expression at Yale should not obscure the real long-term threat. The apparatus of Islamic censorship, led by CAIR and aided by various MSAs, has enjoyed serial success in silencing those who speak out against Islamic extremism, and the hospitable climate of the multicultural campus means that this menace to free speech will continue to plague us for the foreseeable future.

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