Debate Examines 2nd Amendment

On Thursday, February 16, the Buckley Program hosted an electric debate with Professor William Merkel and Dr. Stephen Halbrook, leading experts on the 2nd amendment. The debates were part of the new Rosenkranz Debate Series, sponsored by the Rosenkranz Foundation.

The legal experts debated the Supreme Court’s decisions in DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. (Dr. Halbrook was an active participant in the cases). In a question and answer period afterward, they explained their differing views on the second amendment to a crowd of eager students, who were sorry to leave after more than two hours.

The Buckley Program would like to thank the Rosenkranz Foundation, Robert Rosenkranz (PC ’62) and Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz (PC ’92, LAW ’99) for their generous support of the debate series.

Our next debate will be held on March 22nd. CATO’s Christopher A. Preble and AEI’s Tom Donnelly will debate the merits of President Obama’s recent draw down in armed forces.