Buckley Institute's Thirteenth Annual Conference

Thirteenth Annual Conference

13th Annual Conference: Remarks from Lauren Noble ’11 and Ryan Gapski ’24

Date & Time
December 1, 2023
Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale, New Haven, CT
The Buckley Institute organized a packed schedule of top-tier speakers, spanning academia, media, and politics. The 2023 conference honored the 75th anniversary of Richard Weaver’s crucial work, Ideas Have Consequences. A reception and dinner followed the afternoon’s three panel discussions.

The Buckley Institute was excited to welcome some of the sharpest minds to share their perspectives on the major questions and controversies driving the national conversation. Topics included:

  • Is Everything Ockam’s Fault? The Denial of Truth and the Contemporary Battle over Meaning

  • The Destruction of Distinction: Celebrated Mediocrity, Pursuit of Comfort, and the Spoiled-Child Psychology

  • The Indoctrination Machine: News Media, Entertainment, and Weaver’s “Great Stereopticon”

In 2023, we heard from:

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